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Accurate Christian Educational Film in Denver, CO

Following In Footsteps LLC features a Christian educational film in Denver, CO, that takes place entirely in Israel with our young tour guides Rachel and Rebecca. They cover a host of sites and discuss biblical history while showcasing the reality of Jesus’ life and struggle.

Sites of Antiquity

Rebecca and Rachel take your children on a journey unlike any other that includes the most important sites mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. These sites include the Annunciation to Mary, and Jesus’ final earthly words to His disciples at the Church of the Primacy of St. Peter right on the banks of the Sea of Galilee.

The Greatest Story

The Christian educational film shows the children where Christ was born, where He performed His first miracle, addressed the crowds, taught us to pray, and endured the torture of His betrayal and death on the cross. Our guides also cover how He rose from the tomb to show Himself to His followers with instructions on spreading his word.

Daily Life

Along the way, children will experience life 2,000 years ago in a period-relevant village, what it is like to ride a burro, operate an olive press, and view a boat that is like the one St. Peter would have owned. This is as close as one will get to visiting Israel with your children without having to leave the classroom or your own home.

Art and Geography

The Christian film for children is ideal for children ages 8 to 14. This video will show the many works of art based on events in Christ's life, helping history and geography come to life! We show the children the geography of Israel and the short distances Christ actually covered. The theme song was written and sung by Kendra King, who is also the voice of the narrator.

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