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A Fundraising Opportunity for Your Organization in Denver, CO

Following In Footsteps LLC in Grand Junction, Colorado, helps continue the groundbreaking story of our film with a Christian study guide filled with various teaching activities that help promote a better understanding of the film and of Jesus. Whether you’re part of a church or a youth group, the film and this companion study guide are available as a fundraising opportunity for your organization in Denver, CO.

Walk with Jesus Study Guide | Christian Study Guide for Children Study Guide

The study guide for Little Steps...Walk With Jesus, Through the Eyes of a Child is a great companion for the video series. Our guide was developed to assist teachers, instructors, catechists, and parents in instructing children on the life of Christ and the realities of life 2,000 years ago. It includes pre-testing, activities, Bible readings, vocabulary words to be learned, geography lessons, prayers, and evaluation.

A Fundraising Opportunity for Your Organization or Your Youth Group

If you are looking for a means of raising funds for your church, organization, or youth group, we have designed a program that is geared to maximizing your results. If you purchase at least 10 units at a discount, you can possibly sell them at a price that can double your money without a pre-determined retail pricing. Details may apply, so please contact us with any special needs or questions you may have about pricing.

Special Events

You can market Little Steps...Walk With Jesus, Through the Eyes of a Child at any time, so they are perfect for Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, First Communion, or other special times and events without having to place orders months in advance or waiting for delivery. We are here to assist you in growing your ministry in any way we can.

Contact us for a Christian study guide that continues the lessons of Christ and serves as a fantastic fundraising opportunity for your youth group.

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