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Christian Film For Children in Denver, CO

Walk with Jesus

Help your children and the kids at your church understand the realities of Christ and the life he lived through our ecumenical educational film.

Supportive Study

Reinforce the concepts covered in our film and continue the learning process for your children with our enlightening Christian study guide.

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Following In Footsteps LLC is an international group of Evangelical, Protestant, and Catholic Christians who recognize the need to show our children the realities of Christ and what he has accomplished. We have more than 20 years of experience, and we produced this Christian film for children in Denver, CO, with the goal of telling a story that is as important as ever. Our religious video and study guide take children on a historical journey that helps them fill their souls with the spirit of God. At a time when many of our children are told Christ is not real, we know He is. As the saying goes, “If we do not teach our children to walk with Jesus, the world soon teaches them not to.”

Contact us to help your children learn the truth about Jesus and his life of struggle with our Christian film for children based on biblical history.

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